Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mint truffles

I have been busy making the present for the office secret santa last night.
I decided to make a box of chocolates for a lovely firend of mine in the office.
First I started with making the box for the chocolate. I used a old mince pie box and cut it open, then wrapped it a fancy silver wrapping paper then stick it together again to the box shape it was. But kept the top open to be the lid.
I made my giant mint truffles from the Dan Lepard recipe that was on Guardian couple of weeks ago. Here is the link for the recipe.
Then all I had to do was put the truffles in the pack and then wrap it nicely :)
All done.

I think I will be making a couple of more boxes this week.
I will try with orange flavour with dark choclate filling as well.

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